RadWagon 4 Electric Cargo Bikes Highlight Tire Blowout Risks

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Rad Power Bikes is the latest children’s product manufacturer to issue a recall of a popular product. The recall includes nearly 30,000 RadWagon 4 electric cargo bikes. Reports indicate that there is a high risk for tire blowouts, which could lead to loss of control and serious injuries.

At Kherkher Garcia, LLP, our children’s product liability lawyers specialize in cases involving dangerous, defective, and recalled products. We have helped numerous clients pursue product liability claims after their child suffered serious injuries due to a product that should have been safe.

Read below to learn more about this recent RadWagon bicycle recall. Contact us directly if you have questions or concerns about this recall, another dangerous product, or your child’s injuries.

RadWagon 4 Electric Cargo Bike Recall

In November 2022, Rad Power Bikes recalled approximately 29,000 RadWagon 4 electric cargo bikes due to a potential safety hazard. The recall affected bikes sold in black, white, and orange colors. The hazard was includes two issues with the bike’s tires:

  1. The rim strip on the tires could be misaligned, causing the tube to pop and damage the tire.
  2. The tires with a ribbed sidewall could unexpectedly go flat, risking serious injuries from loss of control and/or crash.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there have been 137 reports of tires blowing out, deflating, and separating from the sidewalls. There are reports of eight injuries, including:

  • five reports of road rash, cuts, and/or bruises
  • one report of a broken wrist
  • one report of a broken arm

Consumers who own a recalled RadWagon 4 electric cargo bike should immediately stop using the bike and contact Rad Power Bikes to schedule a free repair. The repair should replace both tires and rim strips. Rad Power Bikes is contacting all known purchasers directly.

For more information, consumers can contact Rad Power Bikes at 1-888-723-7238 or visit the company’s website.

Safety Tips for RadWagon Owners

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind if you own a RadWagon 4 electric cargo bike:

  • Check your tires regularly for signs of wear and tear.
  • Inflate your tires to the correct pressure.
  • Avoid riding your bike in wet or icy conditions.
  • If you experience a flat tire, stop riding immediately and contact Rad Power Bikes for assistance.

These tips are relevant even if the bike you have is not under a current recall. By following these safety tips, you can help to reduce the risk of a tire-related incident.

What are the Hazards of Kids’ Bike Tire Blowouts?

Kids’ bike tire blowouts can present several hazards and potential dangers. Here are some of the hazards associated with kids’ bike tire blowouts:

Loss of Control

When a tire suddenly blows out, it can cause a child to lose control of their bike. The immediate loss of stability and balance can lead to the rider falling off the bike or veering into other objects or traffic, increasing the risk of injuries.

Falls and Impact Injuries

A blowout can result in a sudden stop or a change in the bike’s momentum, causing the child to be thrown off the bike. This can lead to falls and impact injuries, such as scrapes, bruises, fractures, or head injuries if the child’s head hits the ground or other objects.

Collision Risks

When a blowout occurs, a child may lose control of the bike and collide with other cyclists, pedestrians, or vehicles on the road. These collisions can result in severe injuries not only for the child but also for others involved in the accident.

Road Hazards

If a tire blowout happens while a child is riding on uneven terrain or near road hazards such as potholes or debris, the sudden loss of tire pressure can exacerbate the situation. It can make it challenging for the child to maintain balance and avoid potential hazards, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Psychological Impact

Experiencing a tire blowout while riding a bike can be a traumatic experience for a child. It can lead to feelings of fear, anxiety, and a loss of confidence in their riding abilities. These psychological effects may deter children from enjoying biking or engaging in physical activity in the future.

Preventing Kids’ Bike Tire Blowouts

To minimize the hazards associated with bike tire blowouts, it is important to take preventive measures:

  • Regular Maintenance: Ensure that the bike tires are properly inflated and check them regularly for signs of wear and tear. Replace worn-out or damaged tires promptly.
  • Proper Installation: When replacing or installing new tires, make sure they are correctly mounted and aligned. Improper installation can increase the likelihood of blowouts.
  • Avoid Overinflating: Overinflated tires can be more prone to blowouts. Follow the recommended tire pressure guidelines specified by the manufacturer.
  • Inspect the Tires: Check the tires for any sharp objects, embedded debris, or signs of damage. Remove any foreign objects and repair or replace damaged tires as necessary.
  • Teach Safe Riding Habits: Educate children about safe riding practices, including avoiding rough terrain, maintaining a safe distance from road hazards, and being cautious when riding at high speeds.

By taking proactive steps to ensure proper tire maintenance and teaching children about bike safety, the hazards associated with kids’ bike tire blowouts can be minimized, allowing children to enjoy biking with reduced risks of accidents and injuries.

What are Common Bicycle Injuries Among Kids?

Kids who ride bicycles are prone to various types of injuries. Some common bicycle-related injuries among children include:

Scrapes, Cuts, and Abrasions

Falls from bicycles can result in scrapes, cuts, and abrasions. These injuries often occur when a child’s skin comes into contact with the pavement, gravel, or other rough surfaces. They can range from minor scrapes to deeper cuts that may require medical attention.

Bruises and Contusions

Impact with the ground or other objects can cause bruises and contusions. These injuries occur when blood vessels near the skin’s surface rupture, leading to discoloration and swelling. Bruises are usually not severe but can be painful.

Fractures and Broken Bones

Falls from bicycles can result in fractures or broken bones, particularly in the arms, wrists, and collarbones. Children often use their hands and arms to break their fall, leading to these types of injuries. Fractures may require medical attention, immobilization, and sometimes surgery for proper healing.

Head Injuries

Head injuries are a significant concern among cyclists, especially children who may not have fully developed balance and coordination skills. Without proper protective gear such as helmets, a fall from a bike can result in concussions, skull fractures, or other traumatic brain injuries. Head injuries can have long-term consequences and should be taken seriously.

Dental Injuries

Falls from bicycles can also lead to dental injuries, such as broken or knocked-out teeth. Impact with the ground or handlebars can cause trauma to the face, resulting in damage to the teeth, gums, or lips.

Sprains and Strains

Sudden twists or jolts to the body during a fall can cause sprains or strains in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Commonly affected areas include the ankles, wrists, and knees. These injuries can cause pain, swelling, and limited mobility.

Road Rash

Road rash occurs when the skin rubs against a rough surface, such as the pavement, during a fall. It can range from mild abrasions to more severe wounds that may require medical treatment. Road rash can be painful and increase the risk of infection.

Preventing Bicycle Injuries

To prevent common bicycle injuries among kids, the following measures should be taken:

  • Proper Helmet Use: Ensure that children wear properly fitted helmets that meet safety standards. Helmets significantly reduce the risk of head injuries.
  • Protective Gear: Encourage children to wear elbow and knee pads to protect against scrapes, cuts, and fractures.
  • Bike Maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain bicycles to ensure they are in good working condition, including properly inflated tires, working brakes, and functioning gears.
  • Be Aware of Recalls: If your child’s bike is recalled, avoid use until it is repaired or replaced.
  • Safe Riding Practices: Teach children safe riding techniques, such as obeying traffic rules, using hand signals, and staying alert to their surroundings.
  • Visibility: Equip bicycles with reflectors and lights to enhance visibility, especially during low-light conditions.
  • Supervision: Supervise young children while they ride bicycles, especially in areas with traffic or potential hazards.

By implementing these preventive measures and promoting bike safety awareness, parents and caregivers can reduce the risk of common bicycle injuries among kids and create a safer cycling environment.

What to Do after a Children’s Product Injury

If your child has been injured by a defective and/or recalled product, there are a few things you can do to begin protecting their (and your) legal rights and wellbeing:

  1. Seek medical attention immediately. Even if your child’s injury seems minor, it is important to have them checked out by a doctor. This will help to ensure that the injury is properly treated and that you have documentation of the injury in case you need to file a lawsuit.
  2. Contact the manufacturer or retailer of the product. They will be able to provide you with information about the recall and how to get a refund or replacement for the product.
  3. Compile evidence. Keep all documentation related to the injury, including medical bills, photographs of the product, and any correspondence with the manufacturer or retailer. This documentation will be important if you decide to file a lawsuit.
  4. Contact an attorney. An attorney can help you to understand your legal rights and options if your child is injured by tire blowouts or other product defects. They can also help you to file a lawsuit if you decide to do so.

It is important to remember that you are not alone if you have been injured by a recalled product. There are many resources available to help you, including the CPSC and the National Injury Helpline.

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