Client Victories

Shenequwa’s Injury Story

So on September the 20th, 2019, my friend was coming to pick me up from my mom’s. Of course, we’re like sisters, so she was like, “I’m not driving. I’m tired. I want you to drive.” We were heading from New Waverley to Houston, so we were going 45 South. In between Conroe and the Woodlands from nowhere the big truck just came over out of the blue, so it was like thunder, like boom, and my friend who was kind of resting, laid back in the seat, just came forward. I went to the right and it was just … I mean, it was like, “Is this real? Am I dreaming?” The police officer, the state trooper, once he spoke with us, he went to the back, which he basically … I told him kind of what happened. He went back to the big truck driver and spoke with him, came back and said that he admitted that it was his fault. He did not see us.

Kelly’s Injury Story

It was approximately 3:45 in the afternoon. I was coming to a stop on the Sam Houston toll road, and then there was a kaboom. When I finally got settled down and the truck got stopped, I did notice first responder coming across the wall to help me out. As I’m looking back, I had been struck from behind by an 18-wheeler. There were no black marks whatsoever from the 18-wheeler, and he admitted that he was speeding and on the phone. That wasn’t my idea of having a good time, anything but laying in a hospital bed while they marked on me with, “This is where we’re going to do the incision. These are the vertebrae’s we’re taking out.” I would much rather be putting the boat in the water and taking off and having fun, but no.

Roger’s Injury Story

I worked for a security service, and I was at work one day, parked on the side of the street, talking to my boss on the phone about some customers in the neighborhood, and during our 10 to 15 minute conversation I looked up in my rearview mirror and I saw some trees approaching me relatively fast. Didn’t understand what was about to happen, but within a second or two I was rear-ended by something. Whenever I was able to actually get out of my vehicle, I discovered I was rear-ended by a front end loader.

Xavier’s Injury Story

I was riding my Harley, headed down to Galveston one day, and boom, I got T-boned. I was hit by a commercial van November 5th, 2021. After the van hit me, I went into the ditch on the side of the road. It threw my bike up in the air, it threw me up in the air with the bike and lodged me between a telephone pole, and that’s where I hit my face. And my injuries were dissected carotid artery, made me have a stroke, messed up the artery in my neck, broken femur, broken finger, broke my index finger on my left side, and because of the stroke, I had hemiparesis.

Tenneh’s Injury Story

My name is Tenneh and I live in Houston, Texas. I decided to stop at the market to get some food so I can cook the next day. On my way there, the guy that was watching the flowers, I tried to go around the water that he was spraying but I end up slipping and fall of my arm. And then I couldn’t get up. I was just there screaming because I felt like my arm was off. It was off the socket. I couldn’t raise it up.

Because I’ve never felt a pain like that. That was the worst pain in my life. Having two kids, that pain was way worse than that. It was really horrible. There was a couple that actually came to help me, drag me from the floor because they couldn’t lift me to just leave me on the wall because it was that bad. I was just screaming. I was screaming so hard, it hurt.

Luis’s Injury Story

Hi, my name is Luis and I’m a mechanic by profession. I got hit by a commercial truck in 2018, and my life just changed after that.

When I got hit by the commercial truck, I got really damaged on my knee, so I was really injured with a big injury. I was swelling up, big on my leg. They checked everything. They said I need a new replaced knee. I also got hernias on my lower back from the accident and my neck.

The impact, it was a lot, because I couldn’t work my job like I was before. I couldn’t live my life with my kids and family like I was a hundred percent before. This accident really had a big impact on my life. It slowed me down on work, slowed me down on family time, and it was really difficult even to sleep.

Paul’s Injury Story

I was at work, I work in the oil field. I was working, I do pressure washing. They wanted us to wash out a wellhead. And well, from what I was told, that whole wellhead was already bled down, no pressure behind there. Me and another guy, we got on the man lift. We got all of our equipment. We set everything up where we were supposed to go. We got our catch pan. We got ready to catch all the debris that would come out. We were good to go.

I had another guy on one side and I was on the actual side that got hit. I got the pressure washer gun. I shot through there and there was actual pressure behind there. I don’t know how much pressure it was, but now, recently what they told me, it was pretty high. Because I was injured on my right lower leg. I broke my tibia, shattered my ankle. I had a fracture on my upper leg. But they cut me here to put the rod in, all on the bottom of my right ankle.

Angel’s Injury Story

When was it? It was a rainy, definitely sort of sprinkly day. We were actually going to go out and look for a house. We were going to move out from an apartment to a house, and we were pretty excited to go see the house and all that, just a regular day. So it was my wife, my son, and myself. My wife was in the passenger seat, my kid in the middle. It was a single cab truck. My kid was in the middle and myself, the driver. My son was like two years old at that time, so he was just a little boy. And my wife was actually the one that caught into it. She’s like, “Babe, babe, babe. Watch out.” And I looked over and sure enough there was a van coming my way. I tried to avoid it, but sometimes no matter how hard you try to avoid it, things still happen.

Colton’s Injury Story

The accident occurred on, it was Friday the 13th, and it was August, I believe. Yes sir. I remember that Friday the 13th. And I was like, “That’s like the bad luck day.” And sure enough, that was a bad luck day. So we’re traveling south on Interstate 45. We just barely got out of the woodlands. And I was telling Joseph like, “Hey, we’re going to go around,” instead of going all the way through the heart. I was like, “Let’s go on 99 toll, go all the way around. It’s real nice and, I like the area, nice new development homes and everything, and we’re about a mile from the exit. Traffic slows down so we stop and I come to a stop. And then I guess I was looking forward, because I’m wondering, “Why is everybody stopping? And then I see Joseph next to me. He’s like, “Oh,” I see him cover his head.

Juan’s Injury Story

My name is Juan. I was in a car accident in Orla, Texas. I was injured in mid-June in 2019. I was rear-ended at a stoplight in Orla, Texas. A company vehicle was driving a… I was at a four-way stop and it rear-ended me at a stoplight. I had a previous injury. When I was rear-ended by this commercial vehicle, it impacted me severely. It impacted me because I’ve worked 19 years in the oil field industry and ever since this accident, I’m not able to go back to the oil field industry, what I used to love to do. I enjoyed doing it very much. I can’t do that anymore. Mostly, what I worry about a lot, my bills, my ability to go back to work, what I love to do. That was what I worried about the most. How was I going to support my family while I was down and how long I was going to be down? I was lost. I stumbled across a lot of attorneys and the reviews I saw from Mr. Garcia’s law firm, Kherkher Garcia law firm, they impressed me, so I made the phone call.

Luis’s Injury Story

My name is Luis. I got hurt in a car accident. I was hit by an 18 wheeler semi-truck commercial vehicle. I had eight herniated disc and a back fusion as a result of the accident. I was about to finish my normal route, was heading back to my office, home base, stopped at a red light, got rear ended by a semi-truck. Don’t really remember anything from the accident, I woke up in the hospital with a head injury and back injury. And the only thing I know about the accident is by pictures that they took from the accident.

I decided to hire an attorney because the first three days I was in the hospital, I didn’t receive any notification from my company or from anybody. So I thought I was going to be left by myself with all the debt. And then a few days before I got released from the hospital, somebody from the company that the semi belonged to came to see me and started asking questions but did not answer. So that’s when I decided to get somebody to help me out.

Joseph’s Injury Story

We were on our way back from work, naturally, heading home for the weekend. It was on Friday the 13th and we were driving down the interstate. The Interstate come to a slowdown. We stopped, ended up having to stop in traffic basically. And occurred to me to think to look behind us, looked behind us, and lo and behold, here comes an 18-wheeler. Basically a few choice words. The other driver looked at me and goes, “Well.” Wham, there it is and we got hit.

During the impact when we got hit, the seat belts, I believe they got some kind of explosive device or something, kind of I guess similar to an airbag, to lock it down instead of a mechanical device. Oh, it smelled horrible. It was horrific smell. It’s really indescribable. There’s nothing else I’ve ever smelled that was like that. It just smelled awkward and then naturally trying to get the seatbelt off was difficult because it jammed up good. My injuries that I have are neck injuries, vertebrae messed up in my neck and in my lower back.


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