Serious Back Injury From An 18 Wheeler In Houston

by | Jul 1, 2023 | 18 Wheeler Accident


Video Transcript: 

Shenequwa’s Injury Story:

So on September the 20th, 2019, my friend was coming to pick me up from my mom’s. Of course, we’re like sisters, so she was like, “I’m not driving. I’m tired. I want you to drive.” We were heading from New Waverley to Houston, so we were going 45 South. In between Conroe and the Woodlands from nowhere the big truck just came over out of the blue, so it was like thunder, like boom, and my friend who was kind of resting, laid back in the seat, just came forward. I went to the right and it was just … I mean, it was like, “Is this real? Am I dreaming?” The police officer, the state trooper, once he spoke with us, he went to the back, which he basically … I told him kind of what happened. He went back to the big truck driver and spoke with him, came back and said that he admitted that it was his fault. He did not see us.

We went into the hospital and I was complaining of back pain, my neck and my shoulder, and I would try to pick up a coffee mug and I couldn’t grip it. I would walk and my leg would just give out, and I asked, “Is this normal? I’ve never experienced any of this.” I eventually had to have surgery. I had my C5 and C6 fused together. The stress was … I mean, keep you up all night. You are concerned. “Am I going to have to pay all this out of my pocket? I need to start putting money to the side because this could fall back on me and I have to financially be responsible for something I didn’t even cause.” So depression set in. I began to feel like I was useless because I couldn’t help my daughter. I couldn’t pick her up. There was certain things I just couldn’t do. I couldn’t get on the floor and play with her. I couldn’t go outside and run with her as we usually do, or play basketball or hide and seek. I couldn’t do any of those things. Before the collision, I was the all outdoor mom, basketball, running, whatever she wanted to do. After the collision, mom was limited.

Path To Recovery

Now that we’ve won the case, I’ve had surgery. She’s getting to see the old mom again. She’s getting to see me watch her play basketball and being able to sit down and not be in pain, cheering her on on the side, and even taking her to Disney World maybe, or SeaWorld, she’s asking to go. So she’s getting to see the mom that she grew up enjoying to have fun, and hopefully those memories of mom in a neck brace will be swiped away with the good memories that’s coming. Less stress. I don’t have any more stress as far as the case goes. And then a little bit of more freedom. I can start building on my home. Also, I’m getting a new vehicle. With the financial outcome of this case, I am able to pay off all of my debt. So yes, less stress, more joy.

When I met Steve, I just knew right away his personality and just his concern for my wellbeing and asking me about my health. How do I feel? How is this taking a toll on me? He was concerned about me. For someone to come in, sit down and have a conversation about what I wanted and what I needed, I knew right away and our personalities just kind of clicked. So this firm is different. Steve cares about the person. They care about the person. They’re just regular people. So it’s like you’re talking to some friends that you’ve had for a very long time that are very smart in the law, so they make you very comfortable. They’re very chill, but they get the business done. They take care of you. They answer any of your questions. The personality for me was the biggest. And then to actually see them in person, and in my case, I was blown away. Everything I felt, everything that I didn’t have words for, they were my voice. They were the voice for me, and they represented me very well.

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