Petrochemical Career Ended By A Commercial Vehicle

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Video Transcript: 

Juan’s Story

My name is Juan. I was in a car accident in Orla, Texas. I was injured in mid-June in 2019. I was rear-ended at a stoplight in Orla, Texas. A company vehicle was driving a… I was at a four-way stop and it rear-ended me at a stoplight. I had a previous injury. When I was rear-ended by this commercial vehicle, it impacted me severely. It impacted me because I’ve worked 19 years in the oil field industry and ever since this accident, I’m not able to go back to the oil field industry, what I used to love to do. I enjoyed doing it very much. I can’t do that anymore. Mostly, what I worry about a lot, my bills, my ability to go back to work, what I love to do. That was what I worried about the most. How was I going to support my family while I was down and how long I was going to be down? I was lost. I stumbled across a lot of attorneys and the reviews I saw from Mr. Garcia’s law firm, Kherkher Garcia law firm, they impressed me, so I made the phone call.

From the time I made contact with him and his paralegals and the law firm, they just seemed the right people to go with. At the time of the accident, I didn’t have insurance and Kherkher Garcia stepped up to the plate and took care of me. Once I saw the doctor, I was worried how was I going to pay the doctor, how was I going to get myself better to get back on my feet. I made contact with Mr. Garcia and from day one, he took care of me. Yeah, he told me not to worry and he would guide me in the right direction and be there for me every step of the way. Took care of my medical financials and I didn’t have nothing to worry about even though I did not have insurance. I got through my first surgery. Coming out of the surgery, I still had a lot of pain and a lot of spasms. It was through the deep compression.

Kherkher Garcia Took Care Of Juan. Got Him The Right Doctor’s And Won His Case

Went in for my second surgery. Recovered out of that. I kept going to the doctors and he was always checking up on me, how I was doing and finally went through therapy. I’m okay now. I feel a lot better. I’m walking. He got me the right medical attention I needed. I felt like I wasn’t just a client, I was like a friend to them too, yes. They did an exceptional job in helping me and guiding me and being there for me every step of the way. I really appreciate them. I would recommend this law firm to any other person that needs the help. I recommend you to call Kherkher Garcia.

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