Oilfield Injury. Lawyer Kevin Haynes Won His Case!

by | Jul 1, 2023 | Oil Refinery Injuries

Video Transcript:

Paul’s Story

I was at work, I work in the oil field. I was working, I do pressure washing. They wanted us to wash out a wellhead. And well, from what I was told, that whole wellhead was already bled down, no pressure behind there. Me and another guy, we got on the man lift. We got all of our equipment. We set everything up where we were supposed to go. We got our catch pan. We got ready to catch all the debris that would come out. We were good to go.

I had another guy on one side and I was on the actual side that got hit. I got the pressure washer gun. I shot through there and there was actual pressure behind there. I don’t know how much pressure it was, but now, recently what they told me, it was pretty high. Because I was injured on my right lower leg. I broke my tibia, shattered my ankle. I had a fracture on my upper leg. But they cut me here to put the rod in, all on the bottom of my right ankle.

Screws, I think I have about six screws on the bottom of my ankle and then two more on top of right above my knee. I have the scar. It really did take time to heal. It was a difficult time for me. I had a hard time with my daughter. She was going to school. I missed more than half of that. Her graduation, her soccer games.

It was really hard to having your own kid tell, “You’re no fun no more. You don’t want to do nothing. All you want to do is just lay down.” It was really hard for me. Hard to shower. I mean, I had to have somebody shower there for me, wash my body because it was a difficult time.

Injury Lawyers With You All the Way

Mr. Haynes picked up and took my case. I mean, no hesitation. He picked up the case and said, “Hey, I’ll go ahead and start going to work with you, Mr. Amador.” Me and him, we kept on talking throughout the day, the weeks, months, and we got everything situated. I came over here, to see him. Real good guy. He helped me out a lot. I was hesitating at first because I was wondering how I’m going to pay my bills?

I mean I wasn’t getting the help, I wasn’t getting workman’s comp yet or nothing. And then, everything started kicking in. Then Mr. Haynes, “Hey, everything will be good. It’s going to take some time.” And Mr. Haynes, he helped me out with the doctors. And then therapy, he got everything situated there for me. He gave me a doctor, Dr. Williams. Real good guy. He was a real good guy. He was out there. He helped out a lot.

I would like to thank Mr. Kevin Haynes at Kherkher Garcia for helping me win my case. And thank you guys. You guys have all done an excellent job for me at Kherkher Garcia.

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