Motorcycle T-Boned By Van! Life Changing Settlement

by | Jul 1, 2023 | Motorcycle Accident

Video Transcript:

Xavier’s Injury Story

I was riding my Harley, headed down to Galveston one day, and boom, I got T-boned. I was hit by a commercial van November 5th, 2021. After the van hit me, I went into the ditch on the side of the road. It threw my bike up in the air, it threw me up in the air with the bike and lodged me between a telephone pole, and that’s where I hit my face. And my injuries were dissected carotid artery, made me have a stroke, messed up the artery in my neck, broken femur, broken finger, broke my index finger on my left side, and because of the stroke, I had hemiparesis.

Present day, I’m still suffering from certain things. I mean, my legs are not going to be fully healed, probably ever. I mean, I had a traumatic brain injury, so I’m not really fully aware of everything all the time anymore, and my left side is weaker than my right side. That’s a lifelong disability.

Before the accident, I was a roughneck in the oil field, and ever since the accident, I haven’t been able to work again. What hit me the hardest was the fact that I was going to have to continue to pay bills and things of that nature because I wasn’t working anymore, so it was kind of like the bills don’t stop. You can’t tell your landlord that you got in a wreck and you’re not okay. The world don’t stop turning. That was the hardest thing, is trying to make the world move slower.

So my initial lawyer wasn’t able to handle a case of this magnitude, and Kherkher Garcia was there to take over. So my wife’s the one that reached out to them, and they immediately got on it, and we got the ball rolling. My wife reached out to Kherkher Garcia because she was stressed, didn’t know what to do after the accident, we didn’t have any guidance, and I was in the hospital. My case settled quickly. I was actually very pleased with the outcome of my case.

Kherkher Garcia Record Setting Injury Lawyers

I would highly recommend Kherkher Garcia for anyone that’s been injured in an accident like mine. They’re very professional. They handle everything in a timely manner. I like the atmosphere of Kherkher Garcia. The moment we settled my case and I got the call, it was an unreal moment. I mean, it was for a lot of money and a lot more than I’ve ever had at one time in my life, and I mean, I was just really excited. I was very happy and pleased with it. I look forward to paying off my house, paying off vehicles, and trying to put money into more investments so I don’t have to ever worry about money again. It’s helped me do a lot more therapy and I get a lot further with my health insurance and things of that nature. It’s helped in a lot of ways.

My advice would be to reach out, find a lawyer, get guidance, and try to heal as fast as possible.

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