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Video Transcript:

Luis’s Injury Story

Hi, my name is Luis and I’m a mechanic by profession. I got hit by a commercial truck in 2018, and my life just changed after that.

When I got hit by the commercial truck, I got really damaged on my knee, so I was really injured with a big injury. I was swelling up, big on my leg. They checked everything. They said I need a new replaced knee. I also got hernias on my lower back from the accident and my neck.

The impact, it was a lot, because I couldn’t work my job like I was before. I couldn’t live my life with my kids and family like I was a hundred percent before. This accident really had a big impact on my life. It slowed me down on work, slowed me down on family time, and it was really difficult even to sleep.

Right after my injury, I was worried about how I was going to pay all my medical expenses, how my life was going to be impacted. I decide hired an attorney, because you see sometimes a lot of stuff out there, and I needed to know that somebody was backing me up and helping me out to get through this process. So I decided to hire a lawyer.

Before I hired Kherkher Garcia, I was feeling lost. I was thinking what was going to happen with my life, if I was going to get in through this process of the surgery by myself, if there was going to be somebody out there trying to help me. And once I found Kherkher Garcia, everything went easy. And I’m really happy with their results. They did care about my health and they did everything possible to get my knee replaced and be in a good shape like I am now, I’m one hundred percent back.

Kherkher Garcia Injury Lawyers Spoke Spanish With Me And Made Me Feel Comfortable

But it was different. When I came in for the first time, I spoke in my language. I spoke in Spanish with the first lawyer. It made me feel really comfortable, made me feel like somebody who I had known for a long time. And once we start talking about my injuries, he said he will take care of my injuries, and it made me feel comfortable when he said, “We are going to fix your knee, Mr. Luis. It’s no problem. We got your medicals.” And here I am walking normally again.

I know everything is going to change after the good work they’ve done and the nice settlement I’m getting. So my life is going to change a lot. Yes.

They’re like family. They care about your case, they care about your health, and your family.

It’s one part of the story that I don’t want to miss. It is when I came into the office in pain and thinking if I was going to go back to work or walk again like I was before the accident. And then in the end, this story is a happy story because I’m satisfied, I can walk, I feel normal again. And after the result of my case, it’s a big smile on my face, after the big settlement I’m getting.

Thank you Kherkher Garcia.

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