Houston Truck Accident… Back and Spine Injury

by | Jul 1, 2023 | 18 Wheeler Accident

Video Transcript:

Colton’s Story

The accident occurred on, it was Friday the 13th, and it was August, I believe. Yes sir. I remember that Friday the 13th. And I was like, “That’s like the bad luck day.” And sure enough, that was a bad luck day. So we’re traveling south on Interstate 45. We just barely got out of the woodlands. And I was telling Joseph like, “Hey, we’re going to go around,” instead of going all the way through the heart. I was like, “Let’s go on 99 toll, go all the way around. It’s real nice and, I like the area, nice new development homes and everything, and we’re about a mile from the exit. Traffic slows down so we stop and I come to a stop. And then I guess I was looking forward, because I’m wondering, “Why is everybody stopping? And then I see Joseph next to me. He’s like, “Oh,” I see him cover his head.

And then Joseph saw the 18-wheeler behind us and he rear-ended us in the back of our truck. And I did smell, well, we had fuel in our truck. I had about 40 gallons of diesel. It had flipped, it was just a big cell. It had tumbled forward and it was leaking fuel out. There was smoke all inside the truck that, that’s what I remember smelling, it was smoke. And I was wondering where it was coming from. There wasn’t anything on fire, but I just remember being smoke inside the cab, once the impact happened.

I have some back problems. I went to the MRI here, it was Memorial MRI, here in Houston. And I have some dislocated herniated discs in my lower back. I think it was a L5, seven, I can’t remember the other one. But there was three specific ones that I remember looking at. And then I got some steroid shots for those. I got the first injection and I went, I think a couple of months later he gave that some time to do its thing. And I got a stronger injection after that. And then from there on, I’m supposed to go see another specialist here soon. And that’s what I’m waiting on right now.

See my kids, they like to jump on and they’re rowdy. They like to play. I tell them, “I can’t do that no more.” So the most I can do is take you for a ride on the four wheeler. I said, “I can’t be out here digging holes with y’all no more, playing, jumping, trampoline, swimming, doing all this kind of stuff with y’all no more.” And it makes them feel bad. My wife, she knows, she’s like, “Hey, you know, you don’t do as much no more. You’re grumpy all the time. What’s your problem?” And I tell her, I said, “I’m just uncomfortable.” I said, “This has been about a year already.” I said, “It’s catching up to me now.” I said, “I’m tired.” Sometimes I try to take a nap. It doesn’t matter.

So it probably makes them feel very sad. They look at me before this I was happy, I was motivated, up, enthusiastic, not so much no more. And they see that and it brings them down a little bit. But I try not to show it, because I want them to be happy, but they know. I was worried about how, because I was hurting. I was like, “How am I going to be able to pay these medical bills?” I said, “What if I have to have surgery?” I said, “Because my aunt had surgery on her back.” She had to have surgery three times. She’s completely messed up. She never walked the same even till this day. And it costed her so much money and she still has to pay on that up to this currently. And I was like, “How can I do that? I can’t afford to pay all this kind of stuff.”

Kherkher Garcia Helped Me Heal

I said, “I need some help. What can I do?” And that’s when I reached out. They did a fantastic job, with everything. Keeping me updated and informed, every week too. I never had to once text them, or go to them and say, “Hey, what’s going on?” They informed me every week and I always told them, “Hey, I’m always available. Call me, text me, wake me up. I don’t care.” And they did. They did that, absolutely. These people here made me feel very comfortable. And I’m a people person, but I don’t get out much. And these guys, as soon as I meet them, they’re laughing, they’re joking like, “Hey man, how are you doing?” They’re very intelligent, they’re smart. They make me feel great. So I really appreciate them. Absolutely, yes sir.

I’m looking forward to live my life without so much to bear. I can have just a regular job where I can work an 8:00 to 5:00. I can come home every day. I can have and be with my family. That’s what I really want. Just to be with my family, make sure they live a great life. I live a great life and we’re all happy together. They did such a great job. And then just keeping me informed with everything. I didn’t have to go back and think about like, “Oh, what about this?” They covered everything. So by doing their job the way they do it, they got everything completed properly. Beat my expectations by a long shot. I didn’t really know what to expect. So I think everybody now is going to be more happy. That’s what it is.

So Kherkher Garcia, they won the case for me. And I’m extremely grateful. I’m a 100% satisfied. If you’re ever looking for an efficient team to do the job and get the job done in an efficient manner. These are the guys you want to call. Absolutely. Absolutely put a smile on me. I’ve never smiled so much in my life. How about that? These guys have made me very happy. I’m very excited.

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