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by | Jul 1, 2023 | Personal Injury

Video Transcript: 

Roger’s Injury Story

I worked for a security service, and I was at work one day, parked on the side of the street, talking to my boss on the phone about some customers in the neighborhood, and during our 10 to 15 minute conversation I looked up in my rearview mirror and I saw some trees approaching me relatively fast. Didn’t understand what was about to happen, but within a second or two I was rear-ended by something. Whenever I was able to actually get out of my vehicle, I discovered I was rear-ended by a front end loader.

I had the brain injury from the beginning and just really never knew it, but it made me a complete different person to be around. Beforehand I was an outgoing people person, and after the accident I didn’t want to be around anybody. For about the first six to eight months I could not be outside in the sun. I would pretty much go into almost like a coma, is how I’ve always described it. I tried to work as much as I could, but quickly found out that it just wasn’t something that I was capable of doing anymore. I became very angry and had a lot of outbursts. Completely affected my life at home with my wife and kids.

How Kherkher Garcia Helped Roger

I didn’t have health insurance at the time, I had just started. But after speaking with the insurance company from the vehicle who hit me, I realized that I was going to need some legal help. I did find Kherkher Garcia, and they came over that same day. They went through everything with me, and they pretty much explained how the process would work. They stayed with me quite some time that day because with my brain injury, I was having a hard time understanding, but they happily sat there and answered everything for us. During that meeting we found out that they wouldn’t get paid if they did not win the case for us.

They were very personable, they took interest in my family, they cared, how am I feeling? How am I doing? What do I need? And then they immediately started getting me set up with some doctors so I could start taking care of my health first. Fortunate enough, Kherkher Garcia was able to send me to doctors that they had, and they started from the very beginning to get me to do my MRIs, all the way up to my shoulder surgery and my neck and my back surgeries, they were able to take care of all of that on a upfront cost for me. I couldn’t have done it, I was unemployed, not working, and not capable of working, and they were there to take care of me, which was a complete lifesaver. I wouldn’t have been able to see any doctors, and I don’t know where I would’ve been without that service.

I would highly recommend Kherkher Garcia. I have met several people already that were talking about needing an attorney, and it doesn’t take me but a second to pull my phone out and hand over the number. Kherkher Garcia won my case, and because of that, me and my family are tremendously better off than what we were, and they were with us all the way.

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