18 Wheeler Injury In Houston. How Did He Get Help?

by | Jul 1, 2023 | 18 Wheeler Accident


Video Transcript:

Joseph’s Injury Story

We were on our way back from work, naturally, heading home for the weekend. It was on Friday the 13th and we were driving down the interstate. The Interstate come to a slowdown. We stopped, ended up having to stop in traffic basically. And occurred to me to think to look behind us, looked behind us, and lo and behold, here comes an 18-wheeler. Basically a few choice words. The other driver looked at me and goes, “Well.” Wham, there it is and we got hit.

During the impact when we got hit, the seat belts, I believe they got some kind of explosive device or something, kind of I guess similar to an airbag, to lock it down instead of a mechanical device. Oh, it smelled horrible. It was horrific smell. It’s really indescribable. There’s nothing else I’ve ever smelled that was like that. It just smelled awkward and then naturally trying to get the seatbelt off was difficult because it jammed up good. My injuries that I have are neck injuries, vertebrae messed up in my neck and in my lower back.

How the Injury Affected Daily Life

It’s made it more difficult. It’s made life more difficult itself. Don’t sleep very well, can’t get comfortable. Makes normal things more tedious. You got to figure a different way to do things now. It’s made it interesting, which to a point was a good thing. It made me slow down in life, not stress so much, just to take every moment as the way it is. I mean, don’t take nothing for granted anymore. It’s been interesting to say the least, going to do injections and then trying to heal from that because every time they do that, it’s a little different process. Some new anesthesia to go through, different injection sites to go through. Difficult at times because any little thing will set it off, any little movement will set the pain off, so you try to do very little.

Kherkher Garcia Was There to Help

Initially I hired a different lawyer actually, and he sent Kherkher Garcia all the information to tie in together with each other to take care of the situation. Well, I knew I was in good hands from the word go, because I’ve dealt with John that came in with Kherkher Garcia previously on other cases, and he has taken very good care of me. So when he said he was going to bring on Kherkher Garcia and they immediately called me and let me know what was going on and the process they were going to do, the steps they were going to take, everything fell in line exactly like they said. So I’m very happy.

It may not be everyone’s terms, but calm. Calm, cool, and collected. And strong, strong-willed. They’re going to do the job, do it right, have force behind it, but it’s going to make it easy on whoever they’re taking care of. Oh yes, most definitely. If you want something taken care of from the word go, they’re the right ones to call. Kherkher Garcia won my case. I’m very, very happy.

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